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Vape anywhere?

Vape Filter


We’d like to present to you our patent pending personal vapour filter the “Vape Any Wear”

Retailing at £6.99 this device can be used to blow your vapour into, it filters out all of the vapour so only clean air comes out.

As we know it is NOT illegal to vape indoors or in public spaces but generally the owners of certain establishments forbid vaping because of the second hand vapour.

As the Vape Any Wear suggests; with no second hand vapour being released, vaping discreetly or so as not to offend any non-vapers including children, is possible with this device. Using a Vape Any Wear means that an employee may not have to use a designated smoking area in work places as after all we DON’T smoke!!

Possible places of use:

· Public transport & transport stations

· Around family 

· Hospital grounds

· Malls & shopping centres

· Pubs, clubs, sports matches

The Vape Any Wear is disposable and has a life 1-4 weeks dependant on how heavily it is used.